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Is form spam coming through your website wasting your time?

Sometimes its the odd email here and there, but at other times you can open your inbox and find 100s of pieces of junk that have come through your website.

It’s a constant saga – and one that has been going on as long as we’ve been building websites. Typically its spammers probing contact forms to test if they can exploit them for their own uses. Other times is just random sales messages that are clearly just crawling the web looking for contact forms to send though.

Captcha plugins (I am not a robot) help to block this kind of spam, but its a constant back and forth.  Captchas get upgraded, then the spammer skills get better, and so it continues.

In the last year or two we’ve come across a plugin called CleanTalk, and have found it to be one of the best at blocking form spam.   I’m not sure how they do it,  but their plugin blocks out an outstanding amount of the form spam, with few – if any – false positives.

CleanTalk is the best anti form spam plugin we’ve come across.

It’s not free, but at $10/yr (USD) its almost a no-brainer. Check it out at CleanTalk, and/or if you’d like assistance setting this up on your site, give us a shout.



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