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Wordpress WEllness Check

Is your wordpress website up to date with its security and maintenance updates?

If your website isn’t actively monitored, but it is built with wordpress, it should be checked. There are frequently updates provided for the system and the plugins it uses. 

These wordpress updates could be adding new features, fixing bugs, plugging security holes, or sometimes making updates to address 3rd party other changes — for example: if you have an ecommerce website and your credit card processor makes an update, an update might be required on your website.

Wordpress is used on about 30% of websites worldwide and well supported: because it is so well used though it sometimes becomes a target for hackers – usually automated, just looking to exploit sites by sending spam or setting up ‘phishing’ sites within the site.

Would you like us to do a checkup on your site?

Let us know via the contact form: we’ll check the site over, apply any pending updates, and check the visitor side to make sure the updates didn’t break anything (doesn’t often happen, but if you don’t check …).