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WordPress Website Maintenance Plans

We’re here to help you out – whether you handle most website updates yourself and you want someone to call on from time to time, or you want a partner who can take care of all aspects of the website for you: we’re happy to work with you as you need.

With our wordpress maintenance plans we will look after security and system updates for you, as well as ensure that the site is backed up regularly, take care of your hosting, and be available for content and design updates as you need them.

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system, with around 1 in 3 websites built with it globally.  It’s very well supported, with wordpress and plugin updates coming out all of the time. Some of these updates are feature updates, while others are bug fixes and security updates.

Staying on top of all of the updates – and you should stay on top of them, here’s why – requires time each month, with more time needed for larger or more complex website.

Prices in Canadian dollars.

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