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Wordpress Help

Whether it is “help, my wordpress website is broken”, or “I’ve got some questions and need some wordpress help”, we’re here for you.

If your wordpress site is broken get started now by filling in the contact form (on the right on a desktop or down below on a phone).  Tell us a bit about the problem, what you know about it and what you think is happening and we’ll get right back to you.

If you need help with making changes, adding new features to your website, or anything else wordpress help related we’d be happy to help with those items as well.  Anything from small changes to questions or recommendations about infrastructure, hosting, or anything in between.

We’ve been in the website support/helping customers business for 20 years and are here to help keep your website operational, safe, and secure.

Swift Updates Wordpress Support Features

Wordpress Help

Fixing Broken Websites

General Wordpress Help

Wordpress Speed Optimization

Content Updates

Security & Maintenance

Design Support

Editor Training

2 Hour Response Time to Email Requests

2 Day Completion Time for Small Updates (same day when possible)

Time and Budget Estimates for Larger Updates

Updates as requested and/or monthly plans, where we proactively make sure your site is safe and secure


How Long Do Updates Take?

It depends on what’s required, but generally speaking a change to an image or a piece of text on a web page its probably going to be 15 – 30 minutes.  Adding a new blog entry might take about the same amount of time; but if we have to do any formatting and maybe find or resize an image it will take longer.

To create a new page on a website takes just a few minutes, but then to set it up with all of the content and images might take a couple of hours.  Best thing to do is contact us about what’s needed and we can provide you with an estimate.


Site updates are billed at $125/hr, in 15 minute increments
If an update takes 15 minutes the bill will be 15 minutes, not an hour.

Not sure how long something will take?