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5 Search Engine Optimization (seo) Tips

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It’s amazing how many sites we take on that don’t have even the basics of Search Engine Optimization applied. If you’re hoping for business from the googles, its worth having at least the basics applied to help people find your website.

Here’s 5 SEO tips.

Identify a handful of ideas for which your site should come up when people are searching.

What are the terms are phrases that they might type in to find a business like yours?  They can’t be random words that people might search on, they need to be related to your business, and the pages on your website. Search engine optimization is about helping the search engines know what pages on your site to bring up when people are searching.

Set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts and connect them to your website.

These services will give you the data about how many people are coming to your website from Google, and how they are finding you.  Connecting them to your site can be done with Wordpress plugins, or by adding bits of code to your site.

Give every page an independent page title and meta description that relate to the content of the page. 

Home, Services, About, etc. aren’t very useful page titles.  They’re good for navigation, and should appear that way in the menu, but they don’t need to be the page titles.

Keep each page on your website focused around one key topic or idea. 

Write about it on that page. While estimates vary, generally around 600 – 700 words is a decent amount of content for a page. Make sure you’re mentioning the topic or idea in the copy.

Use tools to help.

There are some excellent seo plugins for Wordpress. We typically use Rankmath or Yoast. Mostly Rankmath, as it works very well with Divi, which we build most sites with.

When you’re editing a page in Wordpress they give each page a score provide feedback about how to improve the search engine optimization  of the page.

If you want analyze your competitors SEO, and/or dig deep into your sites seo from the outside, check out SEM Rush.

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You don’t have to do this on your own. 

We’ve assisted many clients with their website optimization, whether its an ongoing search engine optimization campaign, a quick fix up, or something in between.  We’d be happy to discuss and work with you as well. 

Please contact us if you’d like more information.


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