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Credit Card Testing/Velocity Attacks:  Ever Hear of These? 

They are when a “bad actor” purchases a product from your online store, and then tries to pay with a stolen, fake, or otherwise fraudulent credit card.  Not just one credit card though, when the transaction comes back as declined they try another, and then another.

It’s all automated, and over the course of a few hours they can test 1000s of credit cards.  This can result in your merchant account temporarily being shut down, and put fake orders into your website.  Depending on how they do it, it could show up as just one bad order, or it be hundreds (or more).

We’ve worked with a few clients who have been hit with these types of velocity attacks over the past year to secure their ecommerce site.  If you have an ecommerce site, and you’d like to discuss options to prevent credit card velocity attacks, please get in touch with us.

You can read more on this type of attack at : https://www.google.com/search?q=credit+card+velocity+attack