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We often encounter sites that were optimized when they were first built, but nothing has been done since.

Thats a lost opportunity for new business. Every new page, section, news or blog article can be optimized. With ecommerce sites the opportunity is even greater, with each product typically having a page to itself.

Not optimizing your website is like leaving money on the table.

Optimizing the content on your website helps google better understand what your products or services are so it can show you off to people who are searching.

When we take on the maintenance of new clients website, we often find:

  1. sites that have had no search engine optimization applied to them whatsoever, OR
  2. sites that were optimized when they were first built, but no new content has been optimized since the launch (not to mention keeping up with changes to google, the market, the industry, etc.)

There are varying levels of optimization, from basics like making sure that every image has a description and the html structure of the page is in proper order (one H1 tag on a page, followed by H2 tags and body copy, etc.) to massaging the content so that it emphasizes the subject areas that you would like your site to come up in Google and the other search engines.

There are tools that can help with this. We most often use Rankmath, but Yoast is very good as well, and for more advanced analysis SEM Rush and Uber Suggest are good.

Of course, we do this as well. Let me know if you’d like us to check/update the optimization of your site.