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Website training refreshers, going over everything from how to edit a page in Divi to how to process orders in Woocommerce, plus anything you’d like to add.

  • Was your website launched 3 months ago, or 3 years ago? 
  • Have things changed in the “back end” since your site was launched? 
  • Are you taking advantage of the new features or functionality available to you?
  • Would a refresher in website editing be valuable to you?

In our refresher training some of the things we’ll cover include basics such as:

  • How to edit a page in divi’s Visual Builder (front end and back end)
  • How to edit a post
  • Copying/pasting & dragging/dropping elements on a page, or from page to page
  • How to save a page as a temlpate
  • How to undo changes

Common requests we receive from clients, such as:

  • How to add a job posting
  • How to add a new “frequently asked question”
  • How to add a product
  • How to create a new page
  • How to add a page to the menu/move the menus around

And any specific items you would like covered.

Contact us if you’d like some refresher website editor training.  Training sessions are conducted via zoom (generally an hour, though more time can be allotted if desired). Our standard rates (or plan rates if you’re on one of our plans) apply.

Need training on a Wordpress site that is not built with Divi?  Contact us for this too, we maybe able to help.